Kentucky Academy of the American Physical Therapy Association

Student SIG

What is the Student SIG? All DPT and PTA students who are members of the APTA-KY are therefore members of the S-SIG. All Student and Student Affiliate APTA members have the right to attend S-SIG meetings, speak, and make motions. Only S-SIG members shall have the right to vote or hold office.

Our Purpose: The purpose of the APTA Kentucky Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) shall be to provide networking opportunities that allow physical therapy and physical therapy assistant students from across Kentucky to discuss issues affecting the physical therapy profession and to become better informed about the roles and activities of APTA Kentucky/APTA. The SSIG shall serve as a vehicle for enhanced communication among students, a tool for the cultivation of professional relationships and a means of promotion and education of the physical therapy profession and interests affecting its key stakeholders.

How to get involved

  • Reach out on our instagram: @apta_ky_ssig or email us:
  • Become a Program Liaison
    • Each program’s APTA liaison/representative for each cohort shall make up the S-SIG Full Council in addition to all above elected positions of the S-SIG Executive Council.
    • They will communicate the desires of their program with the leadership of the S-SIG.
    • Responsible for relaying all information specified by Chair to their program.


Preparing Board Reports concerning S-SIG agenda/activities to the APTA-KY Board of Directors as needed/requested.

  • Presiding over all Executive Council and S-SIG Meetings; and overseeing all S-SIG events and activities
  • Reporting to the APTA-KY Board of Directors on all S-SIG activities
  • Attending all APTA-KY Board of Directors meetings or appointing an official spokesperson
  • Ensuring all S-SIG members’ concerns are addressed in a timely and complete fashion, including representation of S-SIG members to the APTA-KY Board of Directors

Chair Elect

Oversee other board members.

  • Lead monthly meetings
  • Assist the chair with meetings, events and other tasks
  • Assisting Community Outreach Chair with social media
  • Take on other positions if they are not filled
  • Attend APTA-KY board meetings if chair or vice chair cannot attend

Vice Chair

Vice Chair: Assisting Chair and Chair-Elect in organizing meetings and events

  • Serving as a liaison between Executive Board and Council
  • Serving as liaison between the S-SIG and APTA-KY
  • Assume duties as chair in his/her absence


Create meeting agendas for all S-SIG meetings.

  • Record meeting minutes of all S-SIG meetings
  • Notify S-SIG members of dates and times of meetings
  • Assist in the composition of student-related articles for the APTA-KY newsletter
  • Maintaining S-SIG archives of official records and documents
  • Monitor the S-SIG E-mail and communicate to all student members
  • Report to chair and executive committee


Plan budgets for S-SIG meetings/events and reimburse expenses.

  • Account for S-SIG budget spending and funding
  • Keep a record of transactions and receipts
  • Report financial status to S-SIG Chair, Executive Committee, APTA-KY Board of Directors, APTA-KY Student Liaison

Community Relations Liaison

Connect student PTs and PTAs with local community resources for networking, assistance, and socializing.

  • Run the APTA-KY SSIG social media accounts
  • Follow us to get involved @apta_ky_ssig

PTA Liaison

Organize informational sessions and events to promote the PT-PTA relationship.

  • Represent PTA interests on the executive council
  • Educate and update executive council and student members about the responsibilities and scope of practice for PTAs in KY

APTA National Student Council Representative

Liaison between the National level of APTA to the state level in Kentucky.

  • Organizing monthly newsletters
  • Promote student involvement within the association statewide
  • Present APTA value talks
  • Host a national advocacy dinner
  • Attend quarterly national student council meetings with students from other states and academies.
  • Promote advocacy and DEI ideas
Cameron Elder

Cameron Elder, Co-Chair
Cameron is a third year DPT student at the University of Kentucky. He has served as co-chair since 2022 and has held a variety of leadership roles within his class. He is a current LEND Fellow and has presented research at several local, state, and national conferences. He previously attended the 2022 and 2023 APTA-KY Annual Meetings where he was selected to the APTA-KY All-Academic Team; CSM in 2023; and the 2023 APTA Leadership Congress where he participated in PT Day on Capitol Hill. He is passionate about professional advocacy and generating opportunities for students in the state to network and engage in leadership and professional development through the APTA and APTA-KY.

Maddie Hancock

Maddie Hancock, Co-Chair
Maddie is a third year DPT student at the University of Kentucky. She, along with Cameron Elder, spearheaded rebooting the APTA KY SSIG this past year. She also was the APTA KY Core Ambassador and the APTA KY National Student Council Kentucky representative. Maddie has attended the APTA Leadership Congress the past two years and hopes to continue to promote student involvement and advocate for the profession.

Sarah Barker

Sarah Barker, Chair Elect
Sarah is a second year DPT student at the University of Kentucky. She was also recently appointed as the 2024 APTA KY National Student Council Kentucky representative. As chair elect she is excited to have this year to learn and grow to be able to be the best advocate she can for Kentucky students.

Anna Urbanowicz

Anna Urbanowicz, Vice Chair
Anna is a second year DPT student at the University of Kentucky. She is currently a community service chair for her class and is involved in amputee research. As vice chair she is excited to promote APTA involvement of PT and PTA students across the state.

Jack Dunsford

Jack Dunsford, Secretary
Jack is a second year student at Bellarmine University who was a member last year in helping bring back the SSIG. He currently serves as the Vice President of his class, is a 3 member of the APTA, and AAOMPT where he recently attended their annual conference.

John Meador

John Meador, Treasurer
John is a second year PTA student at Somerset Community College and served as PTA Student Liaison last year. He has a professional background as a licensed massage therapist, currently serves as treasurer of his class, and is a member of APTA.

Amanda Biebel

Amanda Biebel, Community Relations Liaison
Amanda is a second-year PT student at Bellarmine University. She currently serves as Pre-PT Club Liaison and APTA-KY Liaison for her class and is a member of the APTA. She attended the APTA CSM last year and looks forward to attending again this year to present her research on exercise in the oncology population

Rachel Begley

Rachel Begley, PTA Liaison
Rachel is a second year PTA student at Somerset Community College. In her role as PTA Liaison, she is excited to promote collaboration between PT and PTA students from across the state. She is a member of the APTA and is currently raising funds for the Marquette Challenge with her class.