Kentucky Academy of the American Physical Therapy Association

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Resolution Reached on Senate Bill 125: An Act Relating to Athletic Trainers

Through a collaborative process involving APTA Kentucky, the Kentucky Occupational Therapy Association (KOTA) and the Kentucky Athletic Trainers Society (KATS), Senate Bill 125 (SB 125) has been amended and now contains language mutually agreed upon by all three associations. The amendments will broaden the athletic trainers’ scope of practice when treating athletes and will allow them the opportunity to perform invasive procedures on athletes, such as administering an epi-pen or rectal thermometer in emergent care situations.

This agreement was reached, in large part, to the advocacy efforts of you, our members. Your calls to the Kentucky Senate and messages left in opposition of SB 125 ensured the necessary changes were made to the bill to ensure public protection. Thank you.

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