Kentucky Academy of the American Physical Therapy Association

Lobbying and Legislators

Lobbying 101

Q: I’ve scheduled a meeting with my legislator… Now what?
 Come to the meeting prepared. You will have only a short time to talk to your legislator because of the many constituents who want to see him or her about issues or problems. Organize your meeting by following the tips below:

  • Take a letter or fact sheet to the meeting to leave with the legislator.
  • Practice in advance. Anticipate answering questions about the issue.
  • Be yourself. Most legislators are good listeners so they want to hear your perspective on the issue.
  • Treat your legislator as you would like to be treated; be respectful and professional.
  • Never threaten or brag on your campaigning or contributions when talking about issues.
  • Thank your legislators for their support, time and serving in public office.
  • Send a thank you card after the meeting.
  • After the meeting, report back to APTA-KY to let them know how the meeting went.

Q: If I can’t meet in person, will a phone call work?
 Yes, phone calls can be effective if you follow these steps:

  • Write down key points before you call.
  • Practice in advance.
  • If you are a constituent of the legislator, be sure to mention it.
  • Ask where the legislator stands/voted on the issue of prescriptive authority.
  • Be brief. Keep your call under five minutes.
  • Be respectful and professional.
  • Follow up with a written thank you letter restating your position.
  • Report results to APTA-KY.

Q: Should I send a letter?
 There is power in numbers when it comes to lobbying. Imagine the impact if every PA in Kentucky was generate a new letter to legislators each week about the issue. When creating your letter you should follow these guidelines:

  • Always type your letter. While handwritten is more personal, the letter should be very easy to read.
  • Use your company or association letterhead so the legislator knows who you are and what you represent.
  • Keep your letter to one page. Include fact sheets or other information on additional pages.
  • Include your name and address.
  • State that you are a constituent.
  • Outline your view on the issue.
  • Request that the legislator support the bill regrading the issue.

Q: What about email and social media?
 Our Kentucky Legislators now are very technically savvy. Email, and especially social media, are often the quickest ways to get a response to your concerns.

  • APTA-KY encourages you to find your legislators on Facebook and Twitter as well. The Legislative Research Commission has done a fantastic job of gathering the twitter accounts of legislators. You can visit the LRC’s page to find their accounts at

Q: What else can I do to support the lobbying efforts of APTA-KY?
 To support APTA-KY financially or contact the APTA-KY office at (859) 977-7455 to make a donation. You can also like us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get the most up to date information on our advocacy efforts.