Kentucky Academy of the American Physical Therapy Association
June 14, 2023
Understanding the Complex World of Therapy Services: Documentation, Coding & Billing for PT and OT - CINCINNATI
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Gawenda Seminars & Consulting

This seminar will teach participants the necessary components of documentation for the initial evaluation, reevaluation, progress reports, daily notes, discharge reports and the Medicare Part B certification and recertification process that will help participants document the key points in supporting medical necessity and the skilled nature of outpatient therapy services not only for insurance carriers, but for their respective state practice act. The seminar will teach participants what interventions, techniques and procedures are included within the CPT codes, national correct coding initiative (NCCI) edits and the proper use of Modifier 59 as well as Medicare’s “8-minute rule”, definition of substantial per the American Medical Association, and provide billing scenarios to ensure therapists bill correctly to all insurance carriers, including the Medicare program.