Course Attendee FAQ

What is the difference between a Category 1 and Category 2 course?
Category 1 activities are formal, structured, continuing education which are three contact hours in length (or longer) and have been approved by the KSBPT, APTA Kentucky, FSBPT or another state physical therapy licensing agency.

To be classified as category 1, a course must include the following:

  • Three (3) hours in length or longer
  • Course objectives
  • Course description
  • Timed agenda or outline
  • Biographical data for each speaker
  • Program evaluation
  • Certificate of completion

Courses produced & developed by the APTA or its state chapters and sections, which are less than three hours in length are approved as Category 1 education. Any course not meeting the above criteria is considered Category 2 and does not require an application for approval.


If the provider of a course I am interested in taking or have already completed has not applied to APTA Kentucky for approval of CEUs, can I apply to receive approved CEUs for this course?
Yes. You may submit a course attendee application form to APTA Kentucky. The course attendee application is available on this website.


Are there any fees associated with the approval process?
A $15.00 application fee is required for each course review.


What happens to my application once submitted?
Once an application is determined to be complete, it is forwarded to the Professional Competency Committee that has been designated by the Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy to review and approve courses based on the standards set in the physical therapy practice act.


How long does it take APTA Kentucky to process an application?
It takes an application 4-6 weeks to complete the review process.


How many continuing education hours do I need for re-licensure?
Physical therapists must complete 30 hours of continued competency activities for relicensure each biennium, physical therapist assistants must complete 20.


How are CEUs calculated?
One clock-hour (60 minutes) of instruction which is directly related to the practice of physical therapy equals one CEU. A portion of an instructional hour is subdivided into no less than quarter-hour increments and .25 CEUs. CE credit is not awarded for non-instructional time periods, such as registration, meals, breaks and time set aside for evaluation of the course by attendees.


If my application for CEUs is denied approval, what can I do to appeal this decision?
An applicant may submit a letter of appeal in writing to APTA Kentucky that includes additional information that supports approval.


How do I find out if a CE course/ program I am interested in taking has been approved by APTA Kentucky for renewal of my PT or PTA license in Kentucky?
APTA Kentucky maintains an online database on this website that contains a listing of all of the CE courses/programs offered by course providers and approved for PT/PTA license renewal in Kentucky. The APTA Kentucky CE database can be searched by either a keyword from the title of a CE program or the name of the course provider. Be sure to read the instructions at the top of the page before performing your search.


I searched the APTA Kentucky online database of approved CE programs but didn’t find the course I’m interested in taking. How do I find out if it has been approved?
If the keyword search from the title of the course is not successful, try entering the name of the sponsor to determine if the course has been approved. The APTA Kentucky online database is updated regularly and lists all approved courses. If the course cannot be located in the database, contact the provider of the course and ask if the provider submitted an application to APTA Kentucky for approval of CEUs.


Are CE courses or conferences offered by APTA or recognized Components of APTA automatically approved for Kentucky PT and PTA license renewal?


If a course I am interested in taking or have already completed has been approved for physical therapy in another state, is it automatically approved for renewal of my Kentucky PT or PTA license?
If the course is three (3) hours in length or longer, then it is automatically approved toward renewal of your Kentucky PT or PTA license.


I just attended a 2-day CE course that contained 12 hours of instruction. I expected to earn 12 CEUs for this course, but my course certificate indicated that I had received only 1.2 CEUs. Why were so few CEUs awarded?
Some organizations award one (1) CEU for every ten (10) hours of instruction. In the Kentucky system of CEU approval for PTs and PTAs, one clock-hour of instruction equals one CEU. Either the course provider may not understand how CEUs for PTs and PTAs in Kentucky are calculated, or the provider may not have submitted the course to APTA Kentucky for approval. Check the APTA Kentucky online CE database to determine if this course has been approved and, if so, for how many CEUs.


May I get credit for completing or auditing a course taken at an accredited post-secondary educational institution?
Yes, if the course relates to the practice of physical therapy. Twelve (12) contact hours shall be awarded for each semester credit hour completed; and eight (8) contact hours shall be awarded for each quarter credit hour completed.


I just successfully completed a specialty examination administered by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS). Can I receive credit to meet my CE requirement for biennial license renewal?
Yes, 28 contact hours are awarded per biennium for ABPTS certification. For ABPTS re-certification or other certifications and re-certifications within the scope of physical therapy practice, a maximum of twenty-eight (28) contact hours per biennium shall be awarded.

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